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HUNG STAR ENTERPRISE CORP. is a leading manufacturer of Aquaculture machinery in Taiwan. Our staffs professional backgrounds including R&D specialist of aquaculture machinery for 20 years and aquaculture specialist with over 30 years experiences. Therefore, we provide the best quality of products, efficiency and the most economical way.


Owing to the stringent quality policy, our TURBINE AERATOR is pure in composition and meets to the exact requirements of varied clients. We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of optimum quality HS-R25/HS-R26, TURBINE AERATOR, AERATOR. Also, our HS-R25/HS-R26, TURBINE AERATOR, AERATOR is illustrious in the market for its perfect designing, flawless performance, cost effectiveness, and other such features.



1. High efficiency dissolved oxygen, dissolved oxygen to a depth of more than 1.5M, and
dissolved oxygen over radius 15M above.
2. Micro bubble, can provide dissolved oxygen for a long time.
3. Effective provide bottom dissolved oxygen, improving water quality and the environment.
4. Low power consumption, high dissolved oxygen, low failure, high profit.
5. New patent certificate no.M514200
Features :

Combine this turbine aerator and paddlewheel aerator in the culture pond to reach best aeration performance.

Run in the pond:

Specification :

2HP 3phase

HS-R25/50HZ; HS-R26/60HZ

Safety/Quality Approvals :

1-20ft container could be 80 sets.

Other 1 :


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Hung Star Enterprise Corp. is a professional manufacturer specializes in manufacturing HS-R25/HS-R26, TURBINE AERATOR, AERATOR. In order to achieve a quality management and the quality assurance requirements, we especially make the quality manual to ensure that the products are produced in accordance to meet customer requirements. Please feel free to leave us a message if you have any questions. We will reply to you as soon as possible and offer you our best services.