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HUNG STAR ENTERPRISE CORP. is a leading manufacturer of Aquaculture machinery in Taiwan. Our staffs professional backgrounds including R&D specialist of aquaculture machinery for 20 years and aquaculture specialist with over 30 years experiences. Therefore, we provide the best quality of products, efficiency and the most economical way.


Hung Star Enterprise Corp. strives to research and develop quality, energy-efficient CABLE to benefit the Agricultural, Animal & Aquatic consumers. As a leading supplier of CABLE, we provide professional CABLE.



Features :

If the distance is over 60 meters. It is suggested to have larger size cable to protect the aerator functioning normally. For example: 1HP 3PH 380V motor with cable 2.0mm2 , but when aerator far away that cause the cable length is over 60 meters, it have to enlarge it to become 3.5mm2.

Specification :

Cable used for paddlewheel aerator:

1 HP
200 ~ 240V Cable : 5.5mm2 / 1phase Cable : 3.5mm2 / 3phase
380 ~ 440V Cable : 2.0mm2 / 3phase
2 HP
200 ~ 240V Cable : 8.0mm2 / 1phase Cable : 5.5mm2 / 3phase
380 ~ 440V Cable : 3.5mm2 / 3phase
3 HP
200 ~ 240V Cable : 8.0mm2 / 3phase
380 ~ 440V Cable : 5.5mm2 / 3phase
100M / roll
500M / roll

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Hung Star Enterprise Corp. is recognized by our customers as the best provider of Aquaculture Machinery, Aquiculture Machinery, Paddlewheel Aerator throughout the world. If you need any assistance in selecting your CABLE or have any other questions, don't hesitate to phone, fax, or e-mail us.