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HUNG STAR ENTERPRISE CORP. is a leading manufacturer of Aquaculture machinery in Taiwan. Our staffs professional backgrounds including R&D specialist of aquaculture machinery for 20 years and aquaculture specialist with over 30 years experiences. Therefore, we provide the best quality of products, efficiency and the most economical way.

WATER BAO Ecology stabilizer, WATER BAO Ecology stabilizer

At Hung Star Enterprise Corp., we strive to bring you the best Aquaculture Machinery, Aquiculture Machinery, Paddlewheel Aerator and WATER BAO Ecology stabilizer for the best price. We are dedicated to fulfill the needs of our customers by offering high quality products as well as prompt and reliable services.
WATER BAO Ecology stabilizer

WATER BAO Ecology stabilizer

WATER BAO Ecology stabilizer

Specification :


  1. 5bags (5kg) / 1.0 Ha(increase/decrease as per requirement)
  1. Minimize and inhibit the population of pond VIBRIO.
  2. Terminate factors that cause VIBRIO disease infection.
  3. Activate the pond bottom soil and remain optimal water quality.
  4. Drastically minimize ammonia and nitrate level of soil and water.
  1. Selected high nutrient complex of Bacillus subtills,Aerobacter spp. Etc..
  1. One time of treatment and the interval of each treatment is 7 days.
  2. Water Bao can be directly spread evenly to the pond.
  3. Turn on all the aerators in the pond for 24 hours after each time of treatment.

a . Do not use with anti-biotic.
b. Store in cool and dry place with no direct sunlight.

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Hung Star Enterprise Corp. strives to research and develop quality, energy-efficient WATER BAO Ecology stabilizer to benefit the consumers. For more information about our high quality standards WATER BAO Ecology stabilizer WATER BAO Ecology stabilizer, please contact with us in anytime.