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HUNG STAR ENTERPRISE CORP. is a leading manufacturer of Aquaculture machinery in Taiwan. Our staffs professional backgrounds including R&D specialist of aquaculture machinery for 20 years and aquaculture specialist with over 30 years experiences. Therefore, we provide the best quality of products, efficiency and the most economical way.

Plastic housing Bevel gear speed reducer, Speed Reducer WKM80

Hung Star Enterprise Corp.’s highly trained professional workforce and dedicated engineers are committed to meet customer’s satisfaction. Our Aquaculture Machinery, Aquiculture Machinery, Paddlewheel Aerator, Long Arm Aerator, Air Injector and Plastic housing Bevel gear speed reducer is widely appreciated by the customers due to their longer functional life, reasonable price and less maintenance.

Speed Reducer WKM80

Plastic housing Bevel gear speed reducer

1. Molded composite plastic case, never corrosion and oil leakage.
2. Use high viscosity lubricant, good stability and smooth operation.
3. Helical and spiral bevel gear design, precision machining, mechanical structure, low resistance & high efficiency.
4. Unique design , provide best performance of Paddlewheel Aerator that running stable and durable.
5. Save electricity consumption.
Features :

1. Helical and spiral bevel gear design that's mechanical structure.
2. Use composite plastic housing, light and never corrosion.
3. WKM80 reducer available to any 2 ~ 4 impeller of paddlewheel aerator , whatever any brand, every countries and replaceable to old or new aerator.

Specification :

Plastic Case Bevel Gear Speed Reducer
Type: WKM80
Ratio: 1:14 for 50HZ ; 1:17 for 60HZ
Application: WKM80 suitable to normal 2 & 4 impeller (1HP & 2HP) aerators. e.g.: HS-120SS / HS-A240 / HS-A120a / HS-A240a

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